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@JavierMonjas - 07/03/2016

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A hospital consultant has been suspended after revealing that a Muslim surgeon walked out of an operation rather than remove her headscarf.

Dr Vladislav Rogozov, 46, a consultant anaesthetist, was suspended by Sheffield's Royal Hallamshire Hospital after telling a website how he confronted the unnamed surgeon as they scrubbed up, according to The Sun.
He said she refused to remove it, forcing the hospital to find a stand-in. She later left the hospital after an investigation backed Dr Rogozov for enforcing the strict dress code.
In its policy, the NHS trust says: “Headscarves worn for religious purposes are permitted in most areas, however they are excluded in areas such as theatre, where they could present a health and safety and cross-infection hazard.”
The incident, in 2013, was not made public. However, Dr Rogozov, was suspended last month after revealing the episode – and other surgeons' more recent behaviour – on a Czech blog.