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@JavierMonjas - 05/12/2012

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On Tuesday Mr. Ferhani told Justice Michael J. Obus of State Supreme Court in Manhattan that he and Mr. Mamdouh had developed a plan to attack a synagogue with a man called Ilter, who was an undercover officer.

“I repeatedly discussed with him my anger towards Jews based on what I believed and perceived to be their mistreatment of Muslims throughout the world,” he told the judge. “I intended to create chaos and send a message of intimidation and coercion to the Jewish population of New York City, warning them to stop mistreating Muslims.”

Mr. Ferhani is scheduled to be sentenced in January. Justice Obus said that he expected to impose a sentence of 10 years, less than the 14 the district attorney’s office requested on Tuesday or the 25 Mr. Ferhani would have faced if he had been convicted of all charges after a trial. The case against Mr. Mamdouh is pending, the district attorney’s office said.

After serving his sentence, Mr. Ferhani, who was born in Algeria, is likely to be deported, the justice added.